Thursday, 14 January 2010

Volcanic Veins

Realise the release I crave
alone with a blade.
Words fired at me,
magma travelling
through volcanic veins.

Sat here in the heat of the sun
your eyes glint metallic grey.
Sharp and unnatural.
Learn to look away,
interrogation is ugly.

Your voice, nails on a blackboard.
I watch boiling blood under my skin,
pressure building
from the noise,
of your lecture.

Gaining in momentum
demanding freedom.
building up
all over my body,
needs to get out.

Heart pounding,
I panic,
as my jumper slips,
skin exposed.
One day you’ll notice
scars from my
careful carving.

Sometimes I’m scared
that you won’t.

Public Cancer

Her hair
shaved off
her womb
cut out

Smile strapped on
media flashes
bounce off
her naked scalp

Community spirit
shines a blinding
light in her eyes

Camera vultures
hover and swoop
poising to rake over
the pickings
of her bones

Three Time Goddess

Smooth bare back, nipples lie dormant,
rose buds awaiting sunlight.
Tentative clouds float by, cool air circles.

New moon emerges.

You approach me, dressed in white
pure and clean; snowdrop
after the darkness of winter.

Crescent moon sheds light.

Limbs expectant, full with
experience. Breasts bountiful,
providing sustenance.

Full moon smiles down.

You embrace me, moist,
fecund. Lily in summer sun
nourishing nectar, glistening.

Waning moon retreats.

Saggy wrinkled, deflated sacks,
swinging low. Weighed down
with cold wisdom.

Darkened moon.

You hover behind me, awaiting my fall.
Cover me, with your story blanket,
a place to leave my skeleton leaves
dry, dusty, comforting.