Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Seahorse baby.

I’ll be your seahorse, baby.
your long eye lashes,
cheeky chubby cheeks
flirtatious dances; hide and seek.

I’ll be your seahorse baby
I’ll carry your eggs
I’ll sing to you darling,
you just lay down your head.

Put down your worries
put away your woes,
cause I’m cooking
a big batch baby.
You just watch me go.

We’ll have a Josh, Jemima
and a Peter too.
A Roger, Rebecca
a little baby Roo. A Mai
a Mia and a Maya, too.
All the must have names
in tank twenty two.

Look I’ll be your seahorse baby,
I’m your number one, I’ll hold you
darling, till we're all done.