Sunday, 19 April 2009

Paternity Leave

Hedonistic debauchery created me,
four-limbed dance, as old as time.
Dionysus in the form of my
originator, producer of sperm,
proudly posing his fertile phallus.
Me, swimming safely to the embryonic
embrace my Mother provided.

Her maternal brain laden with
opiates, dressed in poppy red,
playing with Pandora’s padlock:
knowing she shouldn’t open.
Hazily observing her expanding
womb, watching the acid patterns
cast by lava lamp shadows.

Shocked her labour produced me,
snake headed baby medusa:
no tuft of dark hair to stroke;
no way of Daddy escaping
my gaze. His eyes frozen in time.
Stony faced, meaty grin held still
with the echoes of my cries.

Dionysus Greek God of hedonism.

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