Saturday, 8 November 2008

5.5 a bored gifted student

I wonder how long it would take to truly be noticed. If I didn't turn up for a day, a week, a month, who would really feel the absence of my presence?
Trying on another pair of glasses, black this time, sally turned to her friend. Anna stood blatantly yawning.
'You're always so self obsessed sal. Who cares whether you're there or not. Do the work, put in your time, get your marks - ticket out. job done' Anna reached for the bright red square glasses placing them firmly on Sallys face. In total contrast to Sallys outfit, they made her quizzical green eyes appear enclosed and cold.
'You don't understand. I want to know who feels my presence, my energy. Who is affected when I talk to them. Whose chemistry is disturbed when I stand near them.'
Sally removing the red glasses with a grimace, placing them back on the rotating stand. Anna leans forward and spins the whole display, slightly.
'Sal, if you just want sex, lets go out tonight and we'll look for, you know.'
'You just don't get it.'

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