Saturday, 8 November 2008

Embarressment (swearing in this one)

Blatent pig headed stupidity drove him to expose himself so repeatedly. He couldn't think of any other reasoning or excuse. He felt red and raw from the tip of his hair right down to the last toe nail clippings that now lay on the floor. The laughter still rang in his ears. Even though it all began in his own mind. The pain that felt so fresh and clean bore down upon his neck, as heavy as a freshly sharpened knife.
He could hear in the next room, yelling;
'He's never coming in here again, fucking idiot'
His skin crawling as if flesh coloured ants were the surface of his skin.
'He's so fucking stupid, I am pregnant. AND I'm getting married. He should know when to keep himself to himself. Fucking twat. '
He felt his cock twitch at the though of her swollen belly round and magnificent. She couldn't see how beautiful she had become to him.

1 comment:

Thomas said...

hell hath no fury?
an inappropriate infatuation, poor fellow, he's just got do deal with it even if her man finds out.