Saturday, 8 November 2008

A disillusioned nurse

Time was when I would enjoy chatting to the patients. I took pride in that part of my job. Now. Now, well, now it's not part of my job. I'm expected to see too my whole ward in under two hours. No time for chatting there at all. Anyway if they're really sad, I'm supposed to refer them on to a counsellor or a social worker. That's a joke in itself. Refer on. Refer on. That means file in 'pile of forgotten people'. It means you take too much of our time, so we will cross you off our list. It means. Oh god. Do you know what. I simply have not got the energy any more. I'm so tired. Maybe one day I'll just get into bed with one of them to have a rest. Oh no! Not in that way! Maybe I'll choose an empty bed. A few of those nowadays. It's so complicated to get a bloody bed that some of them are actually empty. I think that's criminal. I really do.

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