Saturday, 8 November 2008

Activity 1.2 playing

1. The truth is I never told him. Not even once; he always knew there was something. He could sense it, smell it on me, I'm sure. Yet i never once told him.

2. I wish I had said 'i love you'. Before it was too late. i always felt the time wasn't right. there was always something holding me back. My dress wasn't flattering enough, he looked too tired to hear me in the way I felt he should. So many excuses so many words shared and yet not those,

3. I went outside and the sunlight hit the clouds so unexpectedly it made me gasp outloud. I stood still for a full five minutes noticing little things that usually pass me by. The rainbows enclosed with the raindrops held by the spiders web. The slow steam rising from the grass. The grass so rampently sprawling accross the stones where I could have walked. Little things, little things..


1. Walking through dense high walled passages. Brushing against plesently sharp leaves. The heat of the sun massaging the flowers scent into the air so it hangs in clouds around our heads. Leaning close together, necklaces of sweat glistening playfully as we breathe together. Bravely reaching out our fingertips to feel what's coming next.

2. Her feet were dragging against the stones EVERY step. She deliberately scraped the toes of her new leather shoes against the concrete every chance she got. 'Muuuummmmm' could be heard from accross the street. The piercing noise emenating from her mouth made my head split in two but I refused to let it show.

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