Saturday, 8 November 2008

old fasioned elderly person distorted stereotype

Looking at the magazines she glanced up with distain at the young mums passing by. 'Why can't you say excuse me.' Muttering under her breath. 'Young people these days'. Her hand touched her hair, aware it needed a good cut. Sighing she qued up to pay.Surprisingly there were two people ready at the counter before her. This was unusual. This shop was normally empty. She glanced around, body relaxing more as she saw the rows of black rubber suits hanging up. Wondering to herself why people enjoyed them so much. She was more of a naughty nurse herself. Although her husband had always fancied squeezing into the rubber. She had always discouraged him - not wanting to see the rolls of fat sweaty and shiny against the material. She shuddered. Holding tight onto her whips calculating how of much pension this would cost her, although it didn't really matter as she had plenty of savings. 'Excuse me madame. Everything o.k?' The young sales assistant stared nervously at her.

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