Saturday, 8 November 2008

5.7 present a character in 5 different ways.

His long black hair hung in rats tails down his back. Light dulled as it hit the greasy lengths. Business associates always doubted his abilities on first meeting. The hair took responsibility for these first impressions. Lenny didn't help himself by wearing the same black jacket to every meeting. The jacket limp where it once held shape and creases. Cloth stole away hope of expectation from the deals handshake.
He checked his laptop was secure and crossed the car park. Silently counting his steps as he crunched gravel. The door opened before he could raise his hand to the handle.
'Hey Larry, it's been ages come in, come in. Hey Dulcie, Larry's here, get him a drink. You know how he likes it - double no ice. Come in, come in.
in that instant Larry knew his host was nervous.

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