Saturday, 8 November 2008

word thief

This is a focused freewrite (I think) which came from a cluster of letting go.The cluster led to a character of a counsellor that feeds on other peoples words.

Steam spiralled upwards catching shafts of sunlight as it rose towards the custard cream coloured ceiling. She shifted her backside slightly on the chair and it complained loudly. Sighing she checked the clock before calling for the next person to enter her office.
Sid sat opposite, regular man, same time, same place every week. Same problem every week. Variations to the theme - yet essentially the same problem. She licked her lips slowly, anticipating the feast that was to come. His lips parted and closed, opened and shut, toungue moistening lips but silence still hung in the air.

'Come on Sid, we only have an hour and you know you can talk to me, come on..'

She slid her fat arse to the edge of the chair so she could reach her hand over to pat his arm. Soft sweat beads lay hand shaped on his sleeve, he stared at her.

'Listen Chloe, you. You...' he coughed. 'You. Look you've, I mean'

'Come on Sid...' her piggy eyes gleaming with hunger.

'Chloe, you've helped me a lot. O.K and I ,you know, we were only supposed to have 6 sessions and, well, this is my 10th. You are expensive.'
She gave a sharp intake of breath. He gathered speed,
'I mean it's not that you're not, I mean the service you offer is not, I mean.' He sighs.

'Look Sid, Sidney.' She rocked the chair back, he glared at the wooden legs for somewhere to rest his eyes.
'Sidney, I see many clients and I decide how long you need to see me. What we have here is a classic avoidence technique, we are getting close to something, you need to relax more, tell me more, befor you are free to go, really. Or the weight you carry. The emotional weight you carry will still be on your shoulders. You do understand that don't you? We have been making progress....'

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